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Assistance With Social Security Disability Benefits

We all work hard for our paycheck and look forward to a retirement free of difficulty. Sometimes, our working years are cut short by injury, and when that happens we look to disability benefits to help ease the financial distress associated with unemployment. The Social Security system is in place to provide benefits upon retirement and also upon a finding of disability. However, most claims for disability benefits are denied. This leaves hard-working people unable to meet their obligations as they become due and provide basic living necessities. Milford attorney Bryan Bolling, at The Bolling Law Group, PLLC, has experience navigating the murky waters of Social Security law. 

The Social Security Administration provides forms to use when making a claim. A claimant can elect to fill out these forms on their own, or give themselves a leg up by using a qualified attorney. Our office is proficient in the process and assists by:           

  • Making your initial claim: You stand a better chance of your initial claim being granted when you hire an attorney who is knowledgeable in the process. While no guarantee of a grant of benefits is made, using a capable attorney from the outset increases your likelihood of success.
  • Appealing decisions and attending hearings: If your claim has been denied, you can appeal that decision. If that is your choice, a hearing will be scheduled. Reaching a favorable result at this hearing is improved with the attendance of a skilled attorney.
  • Appeals Council Review: The last level of appeal within the Social Security Administration takes place before the Appeals Council. Having an attorney present your case to the Council takes that burden off your shoulders, so you can focus on your case without the added worry of having to act as both client and attorney.
  • Court review: Because this forum is Federal Court, an attorney is required to be present to advocate your position. Hire an attorney who is experienced in Federal Court and who won’t back down. 

If you have been denied Social Security disability benefits, call an attorney who has handled these cases before. Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing your fate is in good hands. Well thought out arguments and presentation of medical records is required to fight a denial of Social Security disability. Go to an attorney who has experience reading these records and knows how to present them favorably in your case.  

Make an appointment with a Milford Social Security disability attorney who fights for your benefits. Our office offers free initial consultations and keeps your information private. We give thoughtful advice and provide guidance through complex legal processes. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we work with you on an individual basis, rather than treat you like a number.

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