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When Good Times Turn Bad

Drunk driving is a serious crime — with serious consequences. From injury to death, an incident of drunk driving can have catastrophic effects. For the more fortunate, an episode of driving under the influence does not result in personal injury or property damage. This is not to say there is no damage. Charges of DUI are costly, they include fines and fees as well as a likely hike in auto insurance rates. When charged with DUI or OWI in Milford, call a reputable defense attorney for help. A skilled attorney will fight the charges to keep the impact on your driving record and insurance rates minimal.  

In Michigan, the legal limit for blood-alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08 for drivers over 21 and 0.02 for drivers under 21. In addition to the charge of DUI, you may also face possible suspension of driving privileges, a requirement to attend alcohol counseling and installation of an interlock device on your vehicle. To minimize the impact these possibilities have on your life, challenge the charge by starting with the test result. Most people are unaware of the ability to question a field sobriety test. In fact, challenging this test result is your best first defense. It is not uncommon to uncover:  

  • Improperly administered tests
  • Malfunctioning equipment
  • Inaccurate interpretation of the results                       

A well planned attack on the test result can yield a result inconsistent with a charge of DUI, which creates a very valid defense to the charge. You can and should examine all aspects of the arrest and the determination whether your BAC was at or above the limit. The best case scenario is that a finding of a BAC below the limit results in elimination of the charges. Whiles this is not the result in every case, attacks on the field sobriety test can also create a question of accuracy. When accuracy is questioned, negotiations for lighter sentences are usually more successful. Imposition of a lighter sentence may mean the difference in suspension of driving privileges versus modified driving privileges for a short period of time. Calling into question the validity of the arrest can also result in a downward adjustment of the crime charged, which has the benefit of carrying with it lower penalties and fines. 

Protect your good driving record and maintain low insurance rates by fighting charges of DUI. Schedule a free initial consultation with a Milford criminal defense attorney.

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