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Milford, Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney

Experienced defense representation for minor to serious charges

Any clashes with the law, from traffic violations to arrests for serious criminal charges, are frightening. Facing charges can be difficult and should not be done alone. The job of Michigan criminal defense lawyers is to help you with the law — even for relatively minor infractions. It costs nothing to contact attorney Bryan Bolling to learn how effective legal support can make a difference for your case.

Skilled defense for a full range of criminal charges

The firm provides skilled representation for individuals facing a wide array of criminal charges, including the following:

Protecting your rights before and after an arrest

You can protect yourself by understanding how to handle police stops before you call a criminal defense attorney to defend you. Be polite, and provide basic information to identify yourself. But avoid supplying information to help police in their investigation. And do not agree to a search of your person, vehicle or home when police ask permission.

After an arrest, every individual has Miranda rights to remain silent and to call a criminal defense lawyer. While these rights help protect you from self-incrimination, you need to understand how to protect those rights until Milford criminal defense lawyer Bryan Bolling arrives at your side to defend you. The following tips can help:

  • Request your rights: Simply remaining silent does not protect your right to remain silent. You must specifically state that you want all questioning to stop.
  • Always request an attorney: Make clear that you wish to contact your attorney before the process goes any further.
  • Describe everything that happened to your lawyer: Criminal defense attorneys in Michigan need to know everything about the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Describing your experience can help your lawyers identify illegal acts that can help your case in court.

Defense against civil charges

Individuals who face criminal charges often face simultaneous civil charges from victims who suffered injuries as the result of the criminal offense. These cases represent separate and distinct legal actions from a criminal case. But when defendants can retain the same defense attorney for both cases, they benefit from the continuity of the lawyer-client relationship. Attorney Bryan Bolling has significant experience in both criminal and civil defense.

Contact an experienced Milford, Michigan criminal defense attorney

Whether you are dealing with a traffic violation or facing serious criminal charges, The Bolling Law Group has the experience and skills to defend you without judgment. Call Michigan criminal defense attorney Bryan Bolling at (248) 505-2737 or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation to obtain the immediate support you need.


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