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Milford, Michigan Domestic Violence Defense

Skilled legal defense for assault charges involving personal relationships

When it comes to domestic violence in Michigan, many people have preconceived ideas at odds with the actual nature of non-domestic assault laws. These crimes do not always involve physical harm, and the personal relationship between the accused offender and victim often creates a situation that is ripe for false accusations.

While some acts are misdemeanor crimes under Michigan domestic violence laws, conviction can still send offenders to jail. The Milford domestic violence defense law firm of The Bolling Law Group, PLLC makes no assumptions when defending accused offenders. Attorney Bryan Bolling works closely with clients and conducts investigations to get to the truth.

The basic requirements of a domestic violence case

Michigan domestic violence law looks at several criteria before permitting charges of domestic violence:

  • Domestic relationship. The parties may or may not live in the same home. The charges can involve spouses or former spouses, a current or former dating relationship, individuals with a child in common, or people sharing the same household now or in the past.
  • Abusive control over another. Physical and sexual abuse may be the most common charges, but these crimes can also involve emotional and psychological abuse or economic abuse as well. The law permits charges of domestic assault even if the victim sustains no physical injury, and aggravated domestic assault when the victim sustains an injury that requires medical attention. Involvement of a weapon represents a felonious assault crime, even for a first offense.

Relationships can lead to false charges

Domestic violence defense attorney Bryan Bolling works with many clients in Milford and throughout Michigan facing charges stemming from the personal relationship between the accuser and defendant. Perhaps the most common situation involves one spouse falsely accusing the other in an effort to gain custody of the children in divorce. But even a painful breakup of a dating relationship can cause one party to make false charges out of spite. Unfortunately, even when victims later attempt to rescind their complaints, prosecutors cannot drop the charges because alleged abusers may use threats or force to coerce their victims.

Contact an experienced domestic violence defense law firm in Milford

In Michigan, warrantless arrests are common in cases of domestic violence. And more lenient rules of evidence apply in court. If police place you under arrest and detain you on charges of domestic assault in Michigan, invoke your Miranda rights to remain silent, and call a domestic assault defense lawyer to represent you throughout the legal process. The Bolling Law Group in Milford has the experience and legal knowledge necessary to protect your rights in these challenging cases. Call our firm at (248) 505-2737 or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation to obtain the immediate support you need.


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