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You may want to handle your own court case or simply pay the fine for a traffic violation. These convictions add from two to six points to your driving record, potentially leading to restriction, suspension or even revocation of your driving privileges. Obtaining legal support from Milford traffic lawyer Bryan Bolling can help protect your driving record from unnecessary points.

Understanding the Michigan point system

If you receive a traffic ticket, it costs nothing to schedule a consultation with Milford traffic attorney Bryan Bolling. While paying your ticket may seem more convenient than spending time in traffic court, points can quickly accrue on your record and cause serious problems.

Each minor traffic violation conviction, such as driving 10 mph over the speed limit, adds two points to your record. But the law assesses six points for the most significant convictions, including reckless driving, operating while intoxicated or manslaughter involving the use of a motor vehicle.

Some points remain on your record for two or more years, while the most serious convictions can stay on your record indefinitely. Once you accumulate enough points for relatively minor offenses, Michigan imposes a Driver Responsibility Fee that generates penalties ranging from $100 for seven points to $500 for 15 points. And even if you already paid a fee for one year, any points remaining the next year can create more fees. The same principles apply to fees for more serious offenses, including drunken driving and reckless driving — with higher fees imposed for convictions on these charges.

Michigan can restrict, suspend or revoke driving privileges for certain offenses

In Oakland County and other communities in Michigan, experienced traffic attorneys can protect you from severe penalties. In addition to fines, serious driving violations can result in loss of driving privileges. In cases where drivers can reinstate their licenses in the future, they face additional costs, including substantial increases in auto insurance premiums. In some cases, drivers must undergo re-examination by the Department of State Traffic Safety Division to prove their ability to drive safely.

Contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer for traffic charges in Milford and elsewhere in Michigan

Michigan drivers should take even minor traffic violation charges seriously to avoid major consequences. The Bolling Law Group understands the Michigan court system and has the litigation experience and skills to help protect your driving record from unnecessary points. Call our firm at (248) 505-2737 or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation to obtain the immediate support you need.


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